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what is share market
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

B & N Snubs Publisher

Barnes & Noble Inc. sharply Simon & Schuster of the title as a result of a financial dispute between the two companies as a store that carries the book promotion can reduce the problem familiar to people.

Getty Images Barnes Noble press for more compensation & Simon & Schuster.

One publishing Executive, compared to the outage by the cable TV channel operators, dispute the impact of digital reading and online discount the tension created by the flailing publication will reflect that.

Differences of opinion are dealing with various issues. Neither side bears the financial burden of the discount e-books, Simon and Schuster, & Justice antitrust case as a result of an agreement between the major publishers of returned will contain questions and people. In the previous model, the Publisher remove unwanted discount their sets consumer prices of digital books.

Also, Barnes and noble store events & costs associated with such detailed compensation for Simon & Schuster. Publishers typically retailer specific store marketing to give the money to cover the cost. Retail stores for consumers to discover new writers, serving as the primary way the debate is that people familiar with the situation say the burial of consumers use retailers. "the exhibition" they then order online at discounted prices to find a title that people worry about.

"We do not comment on specific relationships with publishers. However, we have our physical and digital business will support those that support publishers "Barnes & Noble said in a statement.

In an interview by Carolyn Reidy, Chief Executive of Simon Schuster, tough company & negotiated between the description but she was confident the issue would be resolved in the end.

The dispute holds risks for both sides. Simon & greatest in United States sales and Schuster book chain is losing still promotions from retailers carrying the largest quantity in the book from the Publisher, lesser-known writers who are familiar with the issue sharply cuts the title by, he said. Some titles, orders for a literary agent has been reduced by 90%, according to.

In Manhattan, in one of the shops of recent & Barnes Noble found the walk from Jodi Picoult novel "storytellers" is currently the best-selling & Schuster as Simon and Clive Davis's memoir of the hard cover version of "my life's soundtrack." However, in other places, the veteran writer m.j. Rose's novel "The book of lost the scent," published in paperback edition in February was out of stock, and none of the online retailer's site, search Books also are available in three different Manhattan locations.

Barnes and noble may cause dispute instead & Amazon.com Inc. shopping online you can not find the customer in

The dispute at the end of January, Barnes & Noble of downsizing Simon & Schuster shortly after ordering Publishers Weekly reported. At that time, the two companies said they would resolve their differences soon believed. instead, the dispute continued.

The comments comes as more and more e-books reader engagement. Simon Schuster, for example, & digital book sales increased 24% in the fourth quarter posted a 6 percent decline in revenue, for a total of books. Digital book publishing represented 24% of total revenue in the quarter, up 18 percent year-on-year.

Several writers published by Simon Schuster & expressed dismay that their dispute impact but they understand the economic forces to participate and did not blame his publisher or has been said Barnes & Noble.

Jamie Mason, author of the "thriller" three tombs full, Simon Schuster imprint Gallery books published by & said Barnes was "incredibly supportive" of her noble & book covers were instrumental in changing the chain of the product. "It's really a wonderful thing," he said. Posted on February 12, but just before she "three tombs full" no longer would be expected, Barnes and noble stores promotions & learned. "It's frustrating," she said. "I am a debut novelist. I don't have the name recognition. "Simon & Schuster trying to sell elsewhere, he said.

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United States version of the Wall Street Journal, this article version of the title on page b-1 on March 23, 2013, starring: Barnes Noble & Snubs the Publisher.

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