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Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Flipboard: news and posts draw & share

Aggregation of digital content, while smart phone Flipboard tablet users, but it is now even without any design knowledge you can publish digital magazines. Walt Mossberg takes a look at version 2.0. (Photo: Flipboard, Inc.)

The following items of interest to you, and one of the best ways of Flipboard, auto Setup social network post and online publications news from Apple and Android is a popular application for mobile devices, beautiful, magazine and flip through the "" on the same page by swiping.

Now, new Flipboard, Tuesday, the second generation is out extended application and click a few times without the need of any design talent and their own handsome digital magazine allows users to share. When you create your magazine release, Flipboard is a free app that anyone can read it and comment on it.

Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal revolution, United States/Walt Mossberg's Flipboard magazine.

I Flipboard multiple Ipads and iPhones in the past week or so, and has other enhancements in this new version I've been tested. My verdict is a new feature, the better to create great mobile apps. There are some limitations to the new features, however, mobile devices are more personal and more creative tool rather than just a means of consumption. Now, the new version is only available for Apple's device, but Android Edition is in the works.

Of the same name, produced by small, private Silicon Valley company was originally a Flipboard on social network information to wade through well aimed at helping people and the Web, so you can put the posts say, baking or basketball, a collection of engaging in such a popular topic. The company features has earned it 50 million registered users and millions of people use every day, a small, but active, core group says.

I've long technical and political news or based on a particular person or posted on Facebook or Twitter site through everything leaves Flipboard was used. These collections are updated with a new post appeared in the conditions. If I have a collection of, say, economic or Smartphones, according to a Tweet on the subject it will stay current, I automatically see the Web page that shows my Tweets.

[image]Flipboard, one of Flipboard page above personal magazine and subscription.

However, the new personal magazine feature, I can create my own particular subject you are interested in hosting Flipboard publications feed or algorithms rather than relying on posts or articles, including downgrading. And it's easy to do. Post, if you want to include in your video or magazine page when looking for just click the plus next to the button, select the "turn it on" and it will appear in the magazine the magazine. Magazine in the new document, photo, or video, if you want to update it with the update. The original author is credited.

During my tests I made five magazines, some areas on my part. Just for testing, they were not carefully written. But I know how quickly they can produce and how nicely Flipboard ladles, a handsome cover photo, bold headlines and photographs and articles are logically was impressed by the array.

United States revolution, and wonders of the Boston Red Sox and my favorite current TV drama had a public magazine. Also, individuals wanted to read at a later time, content, I had a magazine store.

This process finds the two items on its own and Flipboard with Twitter-like social network sites are on a long list of Flipboard, Facebook, Google + YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram, Flickr, produced in various sites in the flow of the RSS feed content, telephone and much improved search capabilities and greatly help.

Pc or Mac special for most browsers, using a bookmark you can add content to your magazine. Something on the Web you want from one of your magazines when you see this, click bookmarks and allows you to add items to your magazine with the image of the small Flipboard window opens. Alas, this bookmark is to be installed in the browser on the Ipad and the iPhone is very difficult.

Like people in the magazine to comment that tells you when new notification feature. "Our readers are" considering a public offer for outstanding employees Flipboard magazine feature.

Publishers create Flipboard's new magazine features. A collection of interviews of Esquire magazine created and collects those articles on the Beatles Rolling Stone magazine had published a Flipboard.

If you find the magazine you want easy and continuous access to the share or to subscribe to it, Twitter, Facebook or via email you can connect. Flipboard is someone who wants to see the magazine, it will open automatically. Otherwise, links people and about how to get the Flipboard instructions and will take on the Web page.

Unfortunately, a lot of your edits, or a local magazine or source to add content to what you can't do. Rearrange the text to create the articles, articles or pictures or iPad or Iphone, you cannot add live video only. You cannot sort the article again. Flipboard pulls content from online sources are so oriented to their magazine, because you should use one of the picture or video, first posted on the site, such as Flickr. If you want to use your own magazine, writing articles must be published online first.

Generally, if you include a photo; most recent articles drawn from the cover photo is the only adjustment to change, remove the items that you can do it yourself; Create a title and a brief description of the changes to the magazine; and publicly display or change the status between individuals.

You also cannot charge for your magazine or includes all of the ads in a magazine, that content would travel, but their advertising sales.

Flipboard photos and updates on your device, such as the ability to use videos stored on these features has been expected to add them.

Overall, Flipboard's new personal magazine is a very good app for a very good addition.

-All things digital Walt Mossberg's column, and everything on the website and find the movie walt.allthingsd.com. Email him at Mossberg@wsj.com. The version of this article appeared in the March 27, 2013, United States Edition of the Wall Street Journal, title, page D1: new Flipboard: News, pulling the post and share.

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