what is share market

what is share market
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TV advertising market for weak signal

Broadcasting-television ratings fell sharply this season. And, the weak economy and competition from other media augurs badly for spring advertising sales market, ad buyers and analysts say that for the combined.

Some of them are broadcast networks that take little Frank, so-called annual bazaar on TV executives pitch their new shows for the coming season low is expected to be stable.

TV ad dollars in the past few years more and more cable channels, are expected to move the shift accelerated. But broadcast and cable tv, Web video, in the media, including online media are facing more intense competition.

When the competition aimed at wooing advertisers online Giants and the TV network head to head as part of a splashy event in may, is likely to be the whole show. Most of the new television network TV trying to win commitments for their ad sales negotiations come up after the season, the presentation of advertising time.

Magna global research and advertising purchase arm of the Interpublic Group of Cos. for about 2 percent of the money raised at this year's TV could be the initial market estimate. Magna broadcast network that dollar volume 2% cable tv could rise about 5 percent while the volume of it can fall.

"Despite being high corporate profits, marketers are still cautious approach, in the expectation, and thus consumer spending sluggish to invest in their ads are taking a conservative approach," says Tim Spengler, Magna global's Chief Executive Officer said.

Another major ad-buying company in the network broadcast on the cable network advertising sales flat and can be high. Meanwhile, Chris Geraci, Omnicom media group, a unit of Omnicom Group, Inc., an advertising company, said his company should be the President of the country from "flat demand overall, continued strength in the technology and auto sectors, retail and pharmaceuticals in the balance by reducing the potential."

These predictions are leading when advertising sales market is the major broadcast networks, the lukewarm, volume was flat for most of the last year will be weaker than recommended. The network has revealed the details of their upfront sales does not publicly.

"Initial indications are that by 2013/14 TV leading can be based on last year's trend of slower growth," Credit Analyst Switzerland Michael said last week in a note to investors "Daisen. He expects the current ad buyers and steady or slightly higher total dollar volume has grown.

Network predictions were mixed: one network Executive were other predictions too early can be high volume, while.

One indication of the expected strengthening of the broadcast networks, CBS Corp Chief Executive Les Moonves, who in the past few years has been leading a "double digit" price increases came from the prediction. An Investor Conference earlier this month, Mr. Moonves declined to project a certain number of. However, he said, the demand increases and the CBS ads are "lead", "said CPM increases and volume." CPM is the cost to reach 1,000 viewers.

Low key approach, Mr. Moonves reason: last year, he failed to raise the price of the network for the prediction of. "Last year, but up 9% [in terms of the upfront price], so I was a bit of a lie," he said during the meeting.

Weighing on the minds of advertisers is one factor that many suffering this season the network ratings. Ratings in the four big networks has weakened since the start of the season in late September.

News Corporation at 23% or 18 to 49, the demographic advertisers, March 17, 2009, the average prime-time audience this season over by was most prized viewers. ' s Fox; Comcast company NBC; 7% and 3% and the Walt Disney Co. ABC from CBS; 8%. (News Corp. is also the Publisher of the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones owns the stock, &.)

Because of some of its new shows in the fall, Fox received a severe blow, especially aging "American Idol" drew a large audience during the conflicts is losing steam.

NBC, NBC's Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer. Network predictions are mixed.

CBS is the only show a rise in overall viewership with a 2% increase in broadcast network.

The audience figures are delayed digital-video-recorder with TV executives for most of the erosion to blame the show's broadcast, it does not show in the days after.

Ratings drop, some marketers are rethinking the strategy of buying ads, ad buyers said. Some cable channels are expected to move money, they said. On the other hand, some cable channels, ratings declined, tend to be lower than the price for cable advertising buyers, according to the TV broadcast.

In any case, the Web can take a share of those dollars. "Advertisers saw a considerable lack of ratings, some some of the money going to go online and want to work," said John Muszynski, advertising company Publicis Groupe SA Sparks was Chief Investment Officer in Seoul.

In fact, one of the main movie studio marketing executives spend the entire TV flat this year, in part due to the star, said the plan still Studio mute. "The ratings are not, and there's a really big jump is nothing new," a marketing executive.

Hot media buyers and network generally expect more negotiation tactics followed in the ring. This year's predicted anemic TV Olympics or presidential election, partly because of a lack of two years of spending the whole year growth is expected to weaken more may have weight, but advertising last year, spending has increased for the event. However, some ad buyers foresee things 2014 Winter Olympics and World Cup soccer, some.

Publicis ' ZenithOptimedia TV ads are just grow 2.8 percent this year and expects $ 63.9. Janis estimated outlays decreased 2% of network television advertising, and 7% increase in spending on the cable.

Michael Nathanson, Nomura Securities, is a more pessimistic analysis. In a recent note to investors that a broadcast network advertising cable 5% increase would decline to 2.5% during the forecast.

United States version of the Wall Street Journal, this article version of the title on page b-1 on March 25, 2013, starring: signal weak television advertising market.

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